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2016 US Recession - Global Recession

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The Recession Journal
The Latest Recession News Analysis & Opinion

Would you like to know how bad the recession is going to be? Will it be a US Recession or maybe engulf the whole world and become a Global Recession? Mild? Severe? Are you trying to find out more about The Great Recession? Need details on the Financial Crisis? Do you have an opinion on these subjects or more questions than answers? You've come to the right place. This is The Recession Journal.

- By popular request, we have listed NBER Official US Recessions on the Welcome Page -

List of US Recessions

Post-1900 US Recessions:
Sep 1902 - 23 Months, May 1907 - 13 Months, Jan 1910 - 24 Months, Jan 1913 - 23 Months, Aug 1918 - 7 Months, Jan 1920 - 18 Months, May 1923 - 14 Months, Oct 1926 - 13 Months, Aug 1929 - 43 Months, May 1937 - 13 Months, Feb 1945 - 8 Months, Nov 1948 - 11 Months, Jul 1953 - 10 Months, Aug 1957 - 8 Months, Apr 1960 - 10 Months, Dec 1969 - 11 Months, Nov 1973 - 16 Months, Jan 1980 - 6 Months, Jul 1981 - 16 Months, Jul, 1990 - 8 Months, Mar 2001 - 8 Months, Dec 2007 - 18 Months .... 2016?

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Last but not least, 2016 Recession Poll - Take it, if you dare!
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